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Dual working parents, Millennials and Retirees are growing by the numbers and these individuals have a job market of their own. Each day data shows that the 9-5 positions just does not fit any longer as a cookie cutter option for everyone as a lifestyle solution. Many individuals are seeking work at home and more flexible working options. Not only job seekers but business and organizations are also seeing the benefits of outsourcing to PawsDesk Call Center and allowing employees to work remote from home.

PawsDesk Call Center’s foundation of work has provided benefits to both employer and job seeker. Benefits have created a seamless solution that allows companies to save money and get qualified and dedicated professionals working for them. Job seekers are gaining more time with their family. They have more schedule flexibility and are saving money. Totally decreasing usual costs working at the office.

PawsDesk Call Center connects  Job seekers to a wide range of remote,  freelance,  call center and customer service jobs.


Industries include:

  • financial services
  • insurance,
  • consumer products and services
  • healthcare
  • hospitality
  • telecommunications.

PawsDesk Call Center match qualified individuals with 1099 positions with fortune 500 clients seeking professional. The resumes that show the desired qualifications for these home based positions priority.   These individuals desire to run their own call center services from home. Majority of these workings manage themselves and are committed to completing tasks. Also, Many of these workers desire more than just a job. They excel quickly into management and business development positions. We partner with each call center candidate and client to find the placement that creates the perfect match.

No matter if your choice is a W-2 call center employee position or you are seeking to take on individuals 1099 call center contractor positions, we get our paws dirty so you can focus on building your skills in the areas you need it the most. Once the pair is found PawsDesk Call Center takes the HR off of your hands and provide the best services possible to enhance your future success of working together.


Industries We Serve

  • Customer Service

  • Sales

  • Help Desk

  • Office Support

  • Clerical & Administrative

  • Banking

  • Consulting

  • Data Entry

  • Collections



  • Remote Freelance Duties

  • Call Center

  • Accounting

  • Manufacturing

  • Maintenance Tech

  • Technical Support

  • Web Design

  • Freelance

  • Bilingual Services

  • Pledge Drives

PawsDesk Call Center Frequently Asked Questions

PawsDesk Call Center Provides the Following Virtual Services


Customer Service

 Provide service to customers via phone or online chat may answer general questions, make changes to a service or review billing information with customers.

Reservations and Vacation Services

Set up and maintain bookings for reservations, transportation, dining, hotel, and cruise clients. Assist customers with issues pertaining to their trips, Cancel, Reassign reservations, and refund as needed. Stay on top of travel deals and delight the customer with a fun experience so they have great expectations and confidence when traveling. Most of all Have fun!

Internet email and Chat Support

Engage with customers online and provide excellent customer service as they would via phone usually taking multiple chat sessions in one sitting. Must have the ability to use systems and multi-task.

Technical Support

Provide technical assistance to customers calling in regards to a client product not working, unable to download or work as expected. Make the transition to using products or devices as simple as possible. Teach or guide the customer to solutions for heightened experience so the customer can enjoy their services immediately.

Inbound Sales

Service customers calling in to make a purchase. Become an expert to match the customer with a product that fits their specific needs. Recommend additional services to enhance their experience.Maintain a level of excellence that leaves customers satisfied and willing to come back.

Pledge Drive Assistance

Assist patrons with giving to their favorite organization. Take the money and spread hope to those who are in need. Keep a simple and fun atmosphere.

Chat Performance Facilitator

Assist all level one agents mentioned above with finding the information needed in order to successfully do their jobs. find answers and direct client support professional in real-time when help is needed in order to maintain top levels of client satisfaction.

Quality Assurance

Arrange meetings and Coaching sessions with level 1 agents who need help or need additional support. Help agent to maintain required metrics and be a leader to a team of professionals. Do your best to guide an agents success while assisting the client to maintain a professional learning always changing the environment.


If you are a highly qualified agent and have shown Product excellence with a client you may be asked to instruct the next wave session of agents for the client. Must prove to be top of the line and both Accountable and dependable during your contract in other positions. These positions are by invitation only.

Paws Recruiting Specialist

Join our team to find more qualified professional agents. Add to your income can do this by giving referrals to friends and family also by becoming a dedicated part of our recruiting team.


What are the PawsDesk Call Center Requirements?

General Requirements For All Positions:

1.A desktop PC with Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 10 if client approves.

Mac computers are acceptable in some cases but please have a spare window in case there are no positions left for Mac agents.

2. Internet Access (No Dial-Up);

3.Land-Line Telephone to take calls (VoIP only for select clientele  but is limited and rare.) You will need unlimited long distance calling.

Some cases Softphone only is required. Having both increases the opportunities you qualify for.

4. Noise-Cancelling Headset

5. A  child & pet free quiet place to work or office space.

6. Dual monitors are strongly recommended and may assist in achieving client success

There will be interviews and assessments required for these positions to have a place on our team. You must qualify. Everyone is not fit for these positions.



How do I get hired to PawsDesk Call Center?

Your account with PawsDesk will give you access to apply online. Once you have completed your application, you’ll be able to apply for the jobs that best fit your skills and experience. The information you enter into your application will be stored in our database so you can apply for jobs now or later. You can also choose to be alerted when the type of job you want is posted.

What else can my account provide?

As you work with PawsDesk, you can sign in to your account to

  • Manage your job searches

  • Keep your application current

  • Notify a PawsDesk representative when you are available for work assignments

Once you are contacted regarding any position you apply, you will begin going through the complete qualifications process, which will include a possible background check, systems, check, Work history analysis and depending on results video and phone interview.
Those who are not prompt in responding within 72 hours of any requests or who misses an interview session will be automatically disqualified and must apply again and start over.
If you are selected to work on our team you will be placed in a professional reserves system and provided access to a Human resources portal where we will keep your information, immediately register you for a client within 15 days and or keep you until a client matches your skill set.
You will and must fill out a new application for every client listed on this website.
You will fill out all Contract worker documents as needed and also be able to gain access to other opportunities reserved for our Highly sought after professional home agents.
The actual names of the clients cannot be listed here to prevent competition with our employment vendors and to uphold the confidentiality of those companies who seek both employees and contractors to work for their positions on separate contracting terms.

Upon qualification, you will be able to see full details on the information for each client including their names.

Client Industries include the following:

Road Side                                  Utilities 

Cable                                         Home warranty services 

Cruise Ship                                Vacation Memberships

Phone services                          Internet services                    

Computer Products                   Retail Stores 

Theme Park                               Switchboard

Office products                         And More……. 

As an agent, you get to choose the position which you are most interested and once you qualify these positions are flexible.

  • As long as you meet the minimum hourly requirements with the time available to select you can arrange your schedule as you like.
  • you must show up for the allotted time and keep 90% or above commitment adherence. (the time selected to work vs the time actually worked).

  • Attendance is Key in excelling with this platform.


PawsDesk Call Center Training Requirements

Professional must:

  • Be Present at each and every session.
  • Be prepared and have all office supplies and technology available.
  • Have no interruptions or could result in a disqualification
  • Pass professional comprehension quizzes or hands-on calling sessions with real-time customers.
  • Communicate with client or instructor in a timely manner or risk disqualification.

Only the serious individuals willing to invest the time and energy into themselves and client are successful through the training process.

If you know you will not meet any of the above basic needs then please refrain from applying.

These are the basic requirements the other requirements will be listed in each work description.


PawsDesk Call Center Pay Expectations

Pay can be different depending on the campaign you need to fill.

All are voluntary positions so you will need to accept the pay scale at the time of qualification and when you are given the job offer.

We use the following pay scales:

Full commission: Pay is provided based on performance and is nonhourly. Exp: Per appointment, Per sale, Per Booking, Per referral.

Hourly: Pay averages between $7.50 and $12.50 per hour.

Per Minute: Pay is on a per minute basis meaning you are paid for the time you are on a call only.

Per text: Pay is on a per text basis or per email varying depending on the communication made with the customer.

Base + Commission:  These positions are highly sought after but they are a blend of hourly pay and incentives. The position usually requires a certain commitment from the contractor before it will be offered.


PawsDesk Call Center Scheduling

Most schedules will be available Monday through Friday.

Time is based on Central Time Zones.

8 am – 5 pm are the normal working hours

24-hour positions are available for those working fully commissionable or appointment setting positions.

If a client requests later hours you can place in a bid to cover those time slots.

You will be able to schedule yourself in 4-hour increments.  Within every 4 hours that you are scheduled, you will receive a break per federal requirements.

You will have the ability to access your calendar at all times and know your login and out history.

All changes must be approved 72 hours in advanced.

Any position dropped and not filled will create a penalty (further explained for active agents).

Real companies; Qualified Professionals; Accountable Opportunities

100% Legit Work Opportunities

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