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The Home Based Jobs You Have Been Looking For

We have many Home based telecommuting jobs available:

  • Online Jobs for college students
  • stay at home mom jobs
  • Online jobs for teens
  • music jobs
  • weekend jobs
  • Online survey jobs
  • part time data entry jobs
  • work from home medical billing
  • call center representative jobs
  • remote writing jobs
  • remote developer jobs
  • executive placements in remote positions
  • Inbound telemarketing jobs

Whatever you are looking for we have it.

We specifically target companies with telecommute positions to give you the best Home Based Jobs; job board of its kind.

All you need to do is use the search tool to find the home based jobs that fit your particular skills. Once you find the correct home based job description fill out an application. You want to be sure and create your profile, so you can get the best home based jobs available. Individuals with incomplete profiles are 20x’s less likely to get an offer or call back. Employers love to see you put in effort where it counts the most. That effort is within yourself. If you take the time to mention everything about you that makes you a right fit for telecommuting home based jobs you will skyrocket your chances.

How Do I Land Home Based Jobs?

I am so glad you asked! Home based jobs are tough. Many, once you land them, are pretty easy to work from home jobs. However, landing them can be difficult if you are not prepared. Companies like potential candidates are very particular with the agents they place into these positions. They worry about heightened security issues, agent commitment, loyalty to the job without oversight, and trust factors when choosing the right candidate. Even the easiest home based jobs consider the same things when recruiting.

It’s more than working from home. You are telling the employer that you are so on top of your game, you don’t need micromanagement. You are making a statement that you can perform the job in their office 2x’s better in the comfort of your own home. You better believe they are going to hold you to it. Home based jobs are not for lazy or noncommitted people. It’s actually quite the opposite. home based jobs are much more demanding. Yet, to our benefit, this world is so much more flexible at most times, and that is the tradeoff value. So deeply consider if you’re making the right decision when applying. We are not looking to waste any time here.


Gather the following for your home based jobs journey:

Essential Home Based Job Office Equipment

  • White Board
  • Virtual PawsDesk Profile
  • Cover Letter
  • Resume
  • Quiet Office Space
  • Time and Commitment
  • Whatever you can think of that lands you the position

Congratulations for landing here on our website.

You are in for an awesome journey and we here at PawsDesk could not be happier to host you.

Don’t Forget PawsDesk recruits and hires through our Direct-Hire program. Individuals with fully completed profiles are considered. You can upload your resume and make a cool video upload about yourself and then you’re sure to be noticed by our direct team. We are always seeking our top talented registrants. So, possibly you could apply today and within 5 minutes get an email from PawsDesk asking you to apply so we can place you with one of our Fortune 500 clients.

Also, when you register you automatically get signed up for our newsletter and get free job updates for new open positions that match your own requirements. We wish you the best of luck sifting through all home based jobs and finding the job of your dreams. Happy hunting.


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If your application is successful, please follow up with the job in 48 hours to see if you have met the qualifications. If there are more applications sent to your inbox to further investigate your qualifications please complete them.

Many times jobs here have more extensive job application processes. You might have to fill out additional applications that require duplicate information inputs. Please just follow the sequence they are requesting. All information data placed here does not flow into other job portals or employer systems.

Most of all be patient and keep tabs on the application and any emails sent to you that require immediate responses.

Candidate hires usually take between 2 weeks and 3 months to complete depending on the employer.

If your application is still stuck on pending. The employer has not yet reviewed your application or parts of your application is still missing. Please review the information or delete and resubmit the application.

Before Deleting reach out to the employer by contacting them and asking for information regarding its review.

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